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“Function-First” Lead Discovery: Mode of Action Profiling of Natural Product Libraries Using Image-Based Screening

Cytological profiling is a high-content image-based screening technology that provides insight into the mode of action (MOA) for test compounds by directly measuring hundreds of phenotypic cellular features. We have extended this recently reported technology to the mechanistic characterization of … Continue reading

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Bacterial Biosynthetic Gene Clusters Encoding the Anti-cancer Haterumalide Class of Molecules BIOGENESIS OF THE BROAD SPECTRUM ANTIFUNGAL AND ANTI-OOMYCETE COMPOUND, OOCYDIN A

Haterumalides are halogenated macrolides with strong anti- tumor properties, making them attractive targets for chemical synthesis. Unfortunately, current synthetic routes to these mol- ecules are inefficient. The potent haterumalide, oocydin A, was previously identified from two plant-associated bacteria through its … Continue reading

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Chemical Perturbation of Secondary Metabolism Demonstrates Important Links to Primary Metabolism

Hi everyone, Here is an article that was mentioned at the last journal club. It’s in Chemistry and Biology and this is the abstract: Bacterially produced secondary metabolites are used as antibiotics, anticancer drugs, and for many other medicinal applications. … Continue reading

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Chemical Ecology of Endophytic Fungi: Origins of Secondary Metabolites

Link: Journal: Chemistry & Biology Abstract: Endophytes constitute a remarkably multifarious group of microorganisms ubiquitous in plants and maintain an imperceptible association with their hosts for at least a part of their life cycle. Their enormous biological diversity coupled … Continue reading

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