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Eco-evolutionary feedbacks drive species interactions

This. Is. Awesome. Link Abstract: In the biosphere, many species live in close proximity and can thus interact in many different ways. Such interactions are dynamic and fall along a continuum between antagonism and cooperation. Because interspecies interactions are the … Continue reading

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Computational design of genomic transcriptional networks with adaptation to varying environments

Carrera, J., Elena, S.F. and Jaramillo, A. (2012). Computational design of genomic transcriptional networks with adaptation to varying environments. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 109: 15277-15282. Link to article Transcriptional profiling has been widely used as a tool for unveiling … Continue reading

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Speciation by symbiosis

In the Origin of Species, Darwin struggled with how continuous changes within a species lead to the emergence of discrete species. Molecular analyses have since identified nuclear genes and organelles that underpin speciation. In this review, we explore the microbiota as a third genetic component that spurs species formation. We first recall Ivan Wallin’s original conception from the early 20th century on the role that bacteria play in speciation. We then describe three fundamental observations that justify a prominent role for microbes in eukaryotic speciation, consolidate exemplar studies of microbe-assisted speciation and incorporate the microbiota into classic models of speciation.

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