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Comprehensive Identification of Single Nucleotide Polymophisms Associated with Beta-lactam Resistance within Pneumococcal Mosaic Genes

ABSTRACT: Traditional genetic association studies are very difficult in bacteria, as the generally limited recombination leads to large linked haplotype blocks, confounding the identification of causative variants. Beta-lactam antibiotic resistance in Streptococcus pneumoniae arises readily as the bacteria can quickly … Continue reading

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Effects of Antibiotics on Bacterial Species Composition and Metabolic Activities in Chemostats Containing Defined Populations of Human Gut Microorganisms

The composition and metabolic activities of the human colonic microbiota are modulated by a number of external factors, including diet and antibiotic therapy. Changes in the structure and metabolism of the gut microbiota may have long term consequences for host … Continue reading

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Context matters — the complex interplay between resistome genotypes and resistance phenotypes

Hi again, Here’s an interesting review on the importance of context with respect to antibiotic resistance genes and resistance phenotypes. Abstract: Application of metagenomic functional selections to study antibiotic resistance genes is revealing a highly diverse and complex network of … Continue reading

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