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Social amoeba farmers carry defensive symbionts to protect and privatize their crops

I don’t think anyone’s posted this article yet, but if anyone has apologies for the redundancy!   Agricultural crops are investments that can be exploited by others. Farmer clones of the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum carry bacteria to seed out … Continue reading

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Cancer Therapies Use a Little Help From Microbial Friends

Highlight: Commensal Bacteria Control Cancer Response to Therapy by Modulating the Tumor Microenvironment The Intestinal Microbiota Modulates the Anticancer Immune Effects of Cyclophosphamide Ed Yong blog report:

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Mid-week paper round-up

Another great resource for the fly community from Julian Dow’s group- Mapping an Atlas of Tissue-Specific Drosophila melanogaster Metabolomes by High Resolution Mass Spectrometry ———————– New paper from groups of Frederik Backhed and Patrice Cani- Microbial Modulation of Energy … Continue reading

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More NPR microbiome highlights…potential impact on the brain

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Disruption of the gut microbiome as a risk factor for microbial infections

New review out from Mazmanian’s group on the importance of commensal gut microbiota in protecting against infection. Abstract:  The discovery that microorganisms can be etiologic agents of disease has driven clinical, research and public health efforts to reduce exposure to … Continue reading

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Gut microbiomes in the news

Two new papers out this week- One on dysbiosis and colon cancer from a jolab family member (Yeah Pat!): Second looking at the role of the microbiome in rheumatoid arthritis-

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NPR video You probably never realised how cute your microbiome is!

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