2 new papers in Cell Host & Microbe describing how Fusobacterium nucleatum promotes tumorigenesis

In the August 14 issue of Cell Host & Microbe, 2 papers from different groups were published with additional evidence that Fusobacterium nucleatum plays a role in intestinal and colorectal cancer.  Rubinstein et al. identify a mechanism for F. nucleatum promotion of colorectal cancer:  when F. nucleatum binds its receptor on cancer cells, FadA, a downstream signaling cascade is triggered that results in altered inflammatory and oncogenic responses.  Kostic et al.  show that F. nucleatum is enriched in human adenomas and surrounding tissue, as well as in mouse models of colorectal cancer, and also link F. nucleatum to an altered immune response in the mouse that promotes tumorigenesis.  Both are very in-depth studies that provide direct evidence for the role of this specific microbiont in human cancer.

Rubinstein et al:  http://download.cell.com/cell-host-microbe/pdf/PIIS1931312813002606.pdf?intermediate=true

Kostic et al:  http://download.cell.com/cell-host-microbe/pdf/PIIS1931312813002552.pdf?intermediate=true

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