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Microbiota Regulate Intestinal Absorption and Metabolism of Fatty Acids in the Zebrafish

Zebrafish_commensal_fattyAabsorb Regulation of intestinal dietary fat absorption is critical to maintaining energy balance. While intestinal microbiota clearly impact the host’s energy balance, their role in intestinal absorption and extraintestinal metabolism of dietary fat is less clear. Using in vivo imaging of fluorescent fatty … Continue reading

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Regulation of immunity and disease resistance by commensal microbes and chromatin modifications during zebrafish development

zebrafish_commensals How fish larvae are protected from infection before the maturation of adaptive immunity, a process which may take up to several weeks in most species, has long been a matter of speculation. Using a germfree model, we show that … Continue reading

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Roseobacticides: Small Molecule Modulators of an Algal-Bacterial Symbiosis

Roseobacticides Marine bacteria and microalgae engage in dynamic symbioses mediated by small molecules. A recent study of Phaeobacter gallaeciensis, a member of the large roseobacter clade of α-proteobacteria, and Emiliania huxleyi, a prominent member of the microphytoplankton found in large algal blooms, … Continue reading

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The Jekyll-and-Hyde chemistry of Phaeobacter gallaeciensis

Chemistry_Phaeobacter Emiliania huxleyi, an environmentally important marine microalga, has a bloom-and-bust lifestyle in which massive algal blooms appear and fade. Phaeobacter gallaeciensis belongs to the roseobacter clade of a-Proteobacteria, the populations of which wax and wane with that of E. huxleyi. Roseobacter … Continue reading

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Fermation, Hydrogen, and Sulfur Metabolism in Multiple Uncultivated Bacterial Phyla

Uncultivated_Metabolism BD1-5, OP11, and OD1 bacteria have been widely detected in anaerobic environments, but their metabolisms remain unclear owing to lack of cultivated representatives and minimal genomic sampling. We uncovered metabolic characteristics for members of these phyla, and a new … Continue reading

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Genomic analysis of a key innovation in an experimental Escherichia coli population

Evolution_Lenski_Ecoli Evolutionary novelties have been important in the history of life, but their origins are usually difficult to examine in detail. We previously described the evolution of a novel trait, aerobic citrate utilization in an experimental population of Escherichia coli. Here we analyse … Continue reading

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High-Throughput Characterization and Comparison of Microbial Communities

Halwachs et al. 2012 Computational Medicine The human microbiome plays an important role in health and disease, but the structure of the bacterial communities and their interaction with the human body are still poorly understood. The recent introduction of next-generation … Continue reading

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