Second Article

By the way, Ezra here (forgot to say so in the previous post.).  The second article I found because I saw Professor Carlson speak at Yale several months ago and was very impressed.  In this paper, they synthesized cephalosporin analogs hooked to fluorescent dyes (for microscopy), or biotin (for purification).  The fluorescent compounds were used to label PBP’s in live cells, and they used microscopy to check the population of PBP’s that are actually labeled in vivo.  They found that the ceph probes label a specific subset of PBP’s not labelled by another beta-lactam probe they tested.  From the abstract:

“Dual labeling of live cells performed by saturation of cephalosporin C-susceptible PBPs followed by tagging of the remaining PBP population with BOCILLIN-FL demonstrated that the two sets of PBPs are not co-localized. This suggests that even PBPs that are located at a particular site (e.g., septum) are not all intermixed, but rather that PBP subpopulations are discretely localized.”

Paper link:

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